Foster Wheeler has the Highest Number of Open Asbestos Claims (press release) - LEVITTOWN, NEW YORK - A study conducted by the Lloyd's Asbestos Litigation Reporter indicates that Foster Wheeler Ltd. remains the company with the highest number of open asbestos claims.

The Top Ten Companies carrying the greatest number of open asbestos-related claims was recently revealed by the Lloyd's Asbestos Litigation Reporter.

Stephanie Tolentino, Managing Editor, commented that Foster Wheeler had 131,340 open cases at the end of 2007 ranking it as number one, but Ashland Inc., having 120,000 open asbestos claims is not too far behind. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. is ranked third with 117,400 open cases and Pfizer, Ingersoll Rand, and Union Carbide Corp. all follow behind Goodyear.

It was explained by Tolentino that the list was compiled from stories about asbestos-related litigation in the 2008 first quarter edition of the Lloyd's Asbestos Litigation Reporter which is a new publication from the Beard Group.

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